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A relevant note of interest brought over from our sister site at LJ:

Dear Whovians,

Please take some time to review the community information for [community profile] dw100. Please note, in particular, that we are a community for drabbles (that is, stories 100 words long). Short fiction does not belong here, and should be posted to [community profile] dwfiction or other relevant communities instead.

Regarding spoilers: Drabbles based directly on the current series with the 11th Doctor MUST BE PLACED BEHIND A CUT or they will be deleted immediately.

(For those who are LJ-refugees, please remember that a ‘cut’ at DWth is just “cut” i.e. *cut text =”blah blah blah”* rather than using “lj-cut”. Likewise at the end, use /cut, rather than /lj-cut.)

Information that will be considered spoilers, by the mods includes (but is not limited to) the name(s) of any new companion(s) and any guest appearances you may hear about.
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This post was brought over from the original at our LJ sister community with small modifications and updates:

Regarding ratings, warnings and spoilers )
Drabbles - the what, why and how )

Drabbles are more than just stories -- they are writing practice, a learning experience, and a game with challenges and rules. If you don't understand the reasoning, or if you doubt the power of a hundred words, remember what the Doctor can do with just six.


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